2023 is just around the corner and it has been a great year for not just tiles but the whole of interior and exterior design. We have seen new trends grow, particularly through networks such as instagram and TikTok. We love the creative flare that has been spawned from the design community. 

Our closing blog article for the year covers our top tile brands of 2022.

These listed brands have produced some of the best quality and best designed tiles. Whether you are looking to give your home or outdoor space a new makeover, or you are looking for inspiration our blog has you covered! 

Please note that many of our listed brands are from Spain. If they are not from Spain we will note their country of origin! Spain has a long history of producing world class tile brands due to the fact they are made from cement. This creates a high quality tile finish that is highly durable all year round!

El Barco Tiles

Residing from Spain, El Barco’ Tiles are the first tile brand on our list of top tile brands. They have been creating tiles for 100 years. They specialise in specifically manufacturing red and white body ceramic tiles.

Despite being around for 100 years, El Barco have not always been a trendy tile designer. Like many thriving businesses in today’s world they had to find their feet. During the boom in small form tiles in recent years they were able to gain notoriety through their beautiful, innovative designs!

The El Barco range covers floor and wall ceramic tiles. These tiles are perfect for indoor spaces if you are looking to freshen up that space of your home. We recommend you check out the Element Gloss White tile and Kintay Gris Decor

If you are unsure of which El Barco tile you would like, you can always take advantage of our Free Samples service. Enquire today to learn more!


The second brand on our list of top tile brands is Geotiles. They have managed to spread their products and brand to over 100 countries and 5 continents. So much so, that Geotiles have been voted the winner of the Export Award by the Chamber of Commerce. 

Geotiles have a great approach to manufacturing. They are concerned with the environment as they have an environmentally friendly product range, with all of their products being made with ethically sourced materials and machinery. You can learn more about their “Quality and Environment Policy” here.

They produce a wide variety of porcelain tiles such as polished, geostone and glazed. They also stock White and Red bodies also. The Online Tile Shop stocks a wide variety of Geotiles range. Be sure to check out their Borba Blanco and Provence Grey. All of our tile options are available in multiple sizes. Contact us to find out more about our sizing and prices!


Alaplana produces high quality ceramic and porcelain tiles that fit both outdoor and indoor living spaces in any home looking for a tile makeover. Whilst their tiles are extremely high quality and durable, their price points are not compromised as their styles are accessible for any budget. 

We currently stock a wide range of Alaplana tiles - if you are looking for a natural earthy tone on your tile, with a realistic surface finish then this is the brand for you. When you see their designs it comes as no surprise as to why we have featured them on our list. 

Out of our selection of Alaplana tiles we recommend the Amalfi Beige and Bodo Snow Decor. The Amalfi option is a beautiful sand colour that would accompany any outside space that has a water producing function/ornament. Bodo Snow is almost like an art piece compressed into a tile. The fluctuation of shades will be beautiful in a shower room or even as a backsplash for your kitchen’s sink.  

If you love a good Instagram picture then Alaplana’s tiles are beautiful to look at. Homes with open spaces and open light sources will work harmoniously with the Alaplana tile range. 


Despite being a fairly new brand, Vitacer has become one of the hottest tile brands this year. Vitacer has developed some of the most groundbreaking tiles and designs despite only being a young company. Their customers are at the heart of their work!

Online Tile Shop stocks a modest range of Vitacer tiles, however our selection has been a proven hit in 2022. Our Vitacer Porcelain tile range is the perfect accompaniment to your home space. The tiles we have on offer would be ideal outside in your garden. Match the green of the grass with the stone like finish on these tiles and you are in for a treat. Our range offers a natural finish to your outside space, making it the main attraction to any home. 

The Materia Grey tile is one of our favourites out of the Vitacer range. The natural tones are beautiful and simple, but still boast style and sophistication in the process. Why not shop our range and enjoy fast UK delivery. You can have your makeover prepared for the upcoming New Year months. New Year, new tiles as the old saying goes. 

Villa Ceramica

This one is a bit of a tongue twister, however Villa Ceramica won’t be leaving your tongue after you have seen their beautiful range of tiles, directly available through The Online Tile Shop. Another El Classico from Spain, these porcelain tiles are an extremely clean yet stylish option for revamping your home. They have over 15 years experience in the tile industry showing they are a solid choice for renovating your home. 

Our Villa Ceramica range has some amazing choices from their range. We currently have 4 to choose from on our site. The Seismic Grey or Seismic Cloud tiles would be an amazing option for those looking to change their kitchen floor or even walls. 

The Seismic White and Seismic Earth would be an alternative choice for those looking to change up their outdoor space due to their earthy tones. Whichever location you are changing, rest assured the quality and longevity of your tiles will be maximised when choosing the Villa Ceramica tile.  To find out more visit the official Villa Ceramica site.


Equip your home with some Equipe tiles this New Year. Perfect for both the floor and wall, these tiles have to be some of our personal favourites. Whilst our other options above are all amazing in their own right, Equipe really do think outside of the box with their tile designs. 

Their tiles feature bold, statement making designs that will make your home look like an art exhibition. Tiles from this brand are available in small and large form meaning you can utilise the patterns and designs extremely well when choosing Equipe tiles. 

The Art Nouveau Folies Bergere and Art Nouveau Padua Black are the cherry on top from Equipe. Featuring abstract, yet traditional coloured symmetrical designs turn your home into the Louvre Museum. 

These are just a few of our favourite tiles and brands from 2022.  Into next year, we plan to source more styles and designs - if you have a brand or design you would like us to stock, then get in touch today and we’ll see what we can do! 

If you want to learn more about our tile range, be sure to check out the Online Tile Shop webstore or alternatively one of our tile experts will be more than happy to assist you with any queries. And find more info on our blog about interior design, tile inspiration and much more.

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Excellent service and I am thrilled with the tile you sent. I will be placing an order for more of these tiles to use as a splash back in a small kitchen .

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Very happy with these tiles. Arrived quickly and very well packaged.

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The tiles were a great price compared to other online retailers selling the same tiles. However, £30 for a DHL delivery seemed a bit expensive for a small order (approx 220 15x10cm tiles for a splashback).

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Easy to use, fast service recommended

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Fab tiles and great service - we couldn’t be happier with the results !

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had two broken tiles - contacted themby email and sent pics but still no reply!! tried to upload pics but seems is not poss

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