Welcome to our new and extraordinary collection of Eco Ceramica tiles, where timeless elegance meets contemporary design. Renowned for their captivating beauty and luxurious appeal, our Iceland Onyx Marble range represents the epitome of style for kitchens and bathrooms.

With their mesmerising patterns, translucent properties, and wide range of colours to choose from, our Iceland Marble Finish tiles have captured the hearts of homeowners and designers alike. Whether you're seeking to create a tranquil oasis in your bathroom or a show-stopping centrepiece in your kitchen, our exquisite onyx tiles will transform your space into a haven of sophistication.

Why are Eco Ceramic tiles on trend right now?

Luxury tiles from premium suppliers like Eco Ceramic are becoming increasingly popular for kitchen and bathroom designs, as they offer a luxurious and elegant aesthetic. These tiles give a beautiful marble finish, featuring intricate patterns and unique tone and shade variations.

Here's why Iceland Onyx Marble finish tiles are on trend at the moment and why they have gained popularity:

Exquisite Beauty

Marble finish tiles are renowned for their striking beauty and visual appeal. The stone's translucent property allows light to reflect, creating a stunning effect when illuminated. The intricate patterns and veining found in onyx add depth and character to any space, making it a focal point in kitchens and bathrooms.

Versatile Design Options

Our Iceland tiles come in many colours, patterns, and finishes, allowing for versatility in design. They can be installed as backsplashes, countertops, flooring, or decorative accents, offering flexibility in incorporating them into different areas of the home.

Trendsetting Appeal

Marble finish tiles have gained popularity due to their current trendsetting status in interior design. Many designers and homeowners are drawn to the distinctive look and feel, making it a sought-after choice for contemporary spaces. The growing interest in unique and luxurious materials has propelled it to the forefront of design trends.

Luxurious Atmosphere

Incorporating Marble finish tiles in your kitchen or bathroom instantly adds a touch of luxury and sophistication. The stone's smooth, polished surface gives a high-end look, elevating the aesthetic. Whether you choose a classic white or a vibrant-coloured selection, the result is a glamorous and opulent ambience.

Natural Elegance

As a natural stone, onyx tiles deliver organic beauty to any space. Each tile has its own unique markings and colour variations, making it a one-of-a-kind material. This natural elegance adds character and a touch of exclusivity to your kitchen or bathroom, setting it apart from standard tile options.

Another reason for the popularity of onyx marble finished tiles is their association with luxury and opulence. They have long been associated with high-end interior design and are often seen in upscale hotels, spas, and extravagant residences. Incorporating marble tiles into a kitchen or bathroom can instantly elevate the space, giving it a lavish and refined feel.

How are Large Marble Finish Tiles suited for bathrooms & kitchens?

Onyx Marble is a great material for large tiles due to its unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Here are some reasons why it is well-suited for large tiles and why large tiles are beneficial in many kitchens and bathrooms:

Visual Impact

With beautiful patterns and veining that are best appreciated on a larger scale. Large natural marble finish tiles allow these natural patterns to shine, creating a striking visual impact. The expansive surface area of large tiles showcases the intricate details and variations in colour, enhancing the overall beauty of the space.

Easy Maintenance

Large tiles have fewer grout lines, which means there is less space for dirt, grime, and moisture to accumulate. This makes cleaning and maintenance easier, as there are fewer crevices to scrub or maintain. With onyx being a delicate stone, reducing the number of grout lines can help protect the stone and simplify its care.

Perception of Space

Large tiles can visually expand the space in kitchens and bathrooms. This format creates an illusion of a larger room, making it ideal for smaller or cramped areas. The minimalistic look achieved with large tiles can help create an open and airy atmosphere, contributing to a more comfortable and inviting environment.

Seamless Appearance

Large marble finish tiles can create a seamless and continuous look in kitchens and bathrooms. With fewer grout lines compared to smaller tiles, large tiles provide a sleek and uninterrupted surface, giving a sense of spaciousness and continuity to the design. This can be particularly desirable in contemporary and minimalist styles.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Installing large tiles can be more time and cost-efficient compared to using smaller tiles. Since large tiles cover a larger area, fewer tiles are needed overall, resulting in less time spent on installation and potentially lower installation costs. This can be particularly beneficial in big kitchens and bathrooms where smaller tiles may require more time and effort.

However, we recommend you consider the specific requirements and constraints of the kitchen or bathroom before opting for large onyx marble tiles. Evaluate the weight of the tiles and the structural capacity of the space, and professional installation is best to ensure proper handling and support.

As you can probably gather, we adore marble tiles, and think they deserve a place in many homes. This is why we’re thrilled to take you through our Iceland Onyx Marble Tiles.

Iceland Onyx Marble Tiles in White

60 cm x 120cm Rectangular Polished Wall & Floor Tile

By contrast, the Marble White finish has a more classic tile feel, which is ideal for those looking for a more traditional style in their kitchen or bathroom. With this tile serving as a floor or wall tile, you can create a consistent look throughout the space, and one that looks fantastic from every angle and turn.

With minimal maintenance, stunning white marble tiles dominate a space and create the best possible impression every time.

Iceland Onyx Marble Tiles in Mint Green

60cm x 120cm Rectangular Polished Wall & Floor Tile

Experience the next level of grandeur and opulence with our Iceland Marble Finish range, inspired by the captivating beauty of natural onyx. The mint-green option offers effortless cool and will enhance any interior setting, whether it's walls or floors. We think this is perfect for the bathroom, but will also suit stylish kitchens.

Crafted from durable porcelain in a marble finish, they are available in the popular 60x120cm large format with a rectified edge, ensuring you have a tidy and tailored finish that leaves you with a minimal workload in maintaining the look.

Iceland Onyx Marble Tiles in Midnight Black

60cm x 120cm Rectangular Polished Wall & Floor Tile

The Midnight Black Onyx Marble Tiles creates elegance and class that many tiles cannot compete with. This is a bold colour choice, ideally suited to confident homes where the owner is keen to make a statement. These tiles are easy to manage and maintain, but with an eye-catching look from all angles, you and your guests will adore this finish.

Iceland Onyx Marble Tiles in Navy Blue

60cm x 120cm Rectangular Polished Wall & Floor Tile

This new collection of tiles is inspired by the enchanting beauty of natural onyx, and we think the navy-blue option is exquisite. These tiles bring grandeur and opulence to any interior space, whether it's walls or floors.

Made from durable porcelain, they feature a large 60x120cm format with a rectified edge, ensuring a clean and nearly seamless finish. The premium polished surface and marble finish enhances the rich navy-blue finish and veining within the tiles. Best of all, they don't require sealing, making maintenance a breeze.

Iceland Onyx Marble Tiles in Topaz

60cm x 120cm Rectangular Polished Wall & Floor Tile

Topaz tiles exude timeless elegance, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a more traditional style in their kitchen or bathroom.

The minimal maintenance required ensures that your space maintains its pristine beauty with ease. Embrace the allure of the Topaz range and transform your kitchen or bathroom into a haven of refined elegance.

Experience the unmatched beauty and trendsetting style of onyx tiles for your kitchen and bathroom. With their luxurious appeal, captivating patterns, and translucent qualities, onyx tiles have become a sought-after choice for those seeking to elevate their living spaces.

At The Online Tile Shop, we offer a wide range of Marble effect tiles in various colours and sizes to suit your unique design preferences.

Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect onyx tiles to bring your vision to life. Contact us today for more information and let us help you create a truly extraordinary space that exudes elegance and sophistication.

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|Excellent Service, tiles arrived very quickly and were well packed. Would highly recomemend this company.

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Great tiles, very expensive delivery

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Excellent service and I am thrilled with the tile you sent. I will be placing an order for more of these tiles to use as a splash back in a small kitchen .

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Superb service and product

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Very happy with these tiles. Arrived quickly and very well packaged.

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Great price and fantastic service

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The tiles were a great price compared to other online retailers selling the same tiles. However, £30 for a DHL delivery seemed a bit expensive for a small order (approx 220 15x10cm tiles for a splashback).

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Easy to use, fast service recommended

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Fab tiles and great service - we couldn’t be happier with the results !

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trina hedges

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had two broken tiles - contacted themby email and sent pics but still no reply!! tried to upload pics but seems is not poss

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