Getting away for a break is an incredible thrill for many reasons, but the change of scenery often boosts people. Depending on the hotel you are staying in, you might have been impressed by the bathroom's décor. This makes coming home a sad occasion, especially if your bathroom at home looks like a stylish bathroom's class, elegance and luxury.

Given how important the bathroom is to your daily routine and well-being, there is a lot to be said for creating a bathroom you love. If you desire a luxury bathroom, you deserve one, and you don’t need to break the bank to do so. We’re here to show you how to create that luxury hotel bathroom in the comfort of your home.

Recreate the bathroom of your dreams at home

Some quick tips to consider to help you recreate the luxury bathroom at home include:

  • Take photographs of the hotel bathroom

  • Make notes or even a brief sketch of features you admired or the general layout of the space

  • Look on the hotel website for photos and perhaps information

  • Contact the hotel (or the headquarters of the chain) and ask for information about the bathrooms’ fixtures and features

With these tips, you don’t have to rely on your memory much!

Common features of a luxury hotel bathroom

Perhaps you have been impressed with a range of hotel bathrooms, and it is the overall feel of a luxury bathroom you wish to replicate at home, as opposed to a specific bathroom. 

Here are some standard features of luxury bathrooms to consider:

  • Quality materials, including tiles and handrails

  • Feature lighting, often leading to a critical feature or prominent design element

  • Functionality, don’t forget the key roles of a bathroom in an attempt to make a stylish space

  • Memorable features

  • A nice smell (a luxury bathroom isn’t just about its appearance; it should delight all your sense)

  • Large mirrors

If you consider these elements when creating a luxury bathroom, you should find it is easier to bring your ideas together to a cohesive style.

What tiles are best for a luxury bathroom?

Your taste will always be the driving factor here, but large format tiles are now widespread. They create an elegant space, and there is convenience in using these tiles too. If you opt for large format tiles, you should be on your way to an outstanding style.

What features do I need?

The list above mentions the importance of large mirrors, and your bathroom needs places where you can check yourself. A massive frameless mirror is an excellent choice for your lead mirror, combining functionality and fashion in one easy move. You can complement the modern and sleek look with other mirrors, perhaps a shaving mirror or a space to do makeup.

Another way to combine functionality and style is with a large shower tray. This transforms the appearance of the shower and bath while offering more grip for people getting in and out. Luxury hotels offer comfort and style, but safety is paramount too. With this addition, you reduce the risk of slips.

How to tile your bathroom

If you intend on tiling your bathroom and you haven’t carried out this work before, here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • Buy more tiles and materials than you think you initially need

  • Take your time in the planning stage

  • Tile from the centre of the floor or wall

  • For slippery surfaces, consider anti-slip tiles or materials

  • Prepare your surfaces before tiling, ensuring they are dry

  • Use gloves to protect your hands

  • Waterproof grouting and adhesive are excellent materials to use

  • Tile as much as you can around complex objects (such as the toilet) and then fill the spaces

If you follow these tips and study the instructions of your tiling materials, you will hopefully have a fantastic-looking bathroom to enjoy for many years.

Is creating a luxury bathroom expensive?

It can be. If you want the finest materials for every feature, and you employ someone to choose and install every component, the cost of your bathroom will be considerable.

This doesn’t have to be the case, though. By shopping for these features, you feel confident that you get what you want. Also, you save money! When it comes to installing parts and items, if you have skills, confidence or experience, there is no reason why you cannot install these items yourself, further lowering your expenditure. 

However, there are some plumbing elements where it is always best to call on a professional, and if you lack DIY skills, doing the task yourself might cause more problems in the long term!

There is also a wide range of products and items to choose from, so you’ll find appealing elements at an affordable price.

Additional flourishes complete the look in style

Focusing on tiling, mirrors, and features is vital; these elements should be the starting point of the process. However, the finishing touches often transform a bathroom from a functional space into a place you adore.

Adding flowers to your space brings a dash of colour, either complementing your colour scheme or ensuring the minimalist look is brightened. It would be best if you also considered what towels you use. Soft towels are welcoming, and of course, you can shape the colour scheme of a bathroom with towels and accessories. Toilet roll holders, shaving stands and even mats play a role in creating a stylish room, and you have no shortage of options to consider.

A luxury bathroom is ideal for many households, whether you need a functional bathroom to set you up for a great day or a space to find peace away from the world. If you want the bathroom of your dreams, contact The Online Tile Shop, and see how we can help you. We’ve transformed homes across the country and helped many households recreate a stunning hotel bathroom in their house! Contact us today to see how we can help you enjoy a luxury hotel bathroom at home.

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